Speaker Date Topic
Erica Champney Oct 29, 2020
CARD: Center for Children with Autism and Related Disorders
Andres Ruiz Nov 05, 2020
Infinite 8allers: Soccer Program (online and in Westford)

Andres and his colleagues from around the world organized a way for soccer players to still play and learn techniques as well learn that soccer is more than winning or losing. It's about your mindset. 

Director of Coaching & Tactical Analysis
Curriculum/Product Designer
Director of Community Services

Glen Secor Nov 12, 2020

Glen Secor is a local attorney who practices various types of law in Westford. He will provide guidance on the law he practices. 

Mark Scolnick DG 6890 Florida Nov 19, 2020
Polio Plus
Dr. McGovern Dec 03, 2020
Perfect Motion Sports Therapy

Dr. McGovern invented G.A.M.E. (Graded Active Movement Exam) System of evaluation and corrective exercise. 

Ray Mascola, Targeting Sales Growth Dec 10, 2020
OPen Communication Ideas for Effective Relationships
Greg Morand Jan 07, 2021
Omni Environmental Group

Omni Environmental Group tests water and soil for harmful chemicals. This fall, they have been involved with helping to ensure that old railbeds are safe for the expansion of community walkway systems.